Movement in the time of COVID-19: the studio comes home and we go online.

I’m the first to admit it. I don’t always handle this well. I’m scared sometimes, I’m not so great at keeping homeschool going sometimes for my seven year old, and it’s hard not to let fear take over.

We’re all dealing with the economic uncertainty, the fear of running into people out there, feeling horrible when we grab kids and dash…and then ALL those Zoom meetings….the isolation…

But I’ve got to fight back! After all, I have my health. I am not on the front lines in a hospital and every time I think of the brave souls out there doing the work of healing, I cry and then stiffen up my resolve. So I’m keeping going!! I’ve renovated part of the barn loft into a studio, and moved equipment up. And up. And up. So I couldn’t ask anyone to help, since we are all under stay at home orders, which meant I had to work smart. I ratcheted up a full size studio reformer and Cadillac through a loft stairway, using those yellow ratchet straps….and somehow it worked, no one died of a reformer falling on them (me) and the equipment is now in the studio safe and sound!

I am teaching ONLINE through Power Pilates of New York. They’ve set up an online platform and are administering all classes. Here’s the direct link to my class: GOOD MORNING MAT I will be adding some other classes as we go, and if anyone wants to have a virtual private session, please call 207-317-7565 or email

And….check out the pics.

A bit of a daunting task…getting up these stairs…
I carried this up without straps. Not sure how I did it. Pilates Strong!
The trap table is much heavier, so I rigged up a ramp with boards and set up a ratchet strap cradle wrapped around the beams in the loft.
The trap table…up at last.