About Lizzie

Pilates has always taken care of me…

Even when I’m upside down!

I first began practicing Pilates as the result of a dance injury in my late 20s. I ruptured two disks in my lower back and was told I needed surgery. I had sciatica (at 28) and the only way I wasn’t in unbearable pain was to walk. (Anyone else around here been out on your street walking at 2 am?) A dance teacher I was studying with suggested Pilates and Alexander Technique. Then a massage therapist suggested Pilates. Hmm. What did I have to lose?

I went to my first Alexander session and I was out of pain that very day, but I couldn’t stay there without Pilates. My core strength was not where it needed to be to naturally balance my body in space. You’d think that a dancer would have pretty strong abs, but I didn’t. I was moving in ways that were not constructive to body happiness. As the result of developing my “powerhouse” abdominal muscles, my body was able to come back into proper alignment and take the pressure off those nerves running down my legs and spine. Joe Pilates was right- within ten Pilates sessions, I was on my way. And I didn’t have that surgery.

Never thought I’d be able to do this again!

So many of us have similar experiences with injuries or body malfunction: we spend our lives in cars, behind computer screens, and sitting. Our natural body alignment deteriorates. Our core strength diminishes. And then there are the athletes who are like I was: strong in the wrong places. Something isn’t happening in the right alignment and an injury occurs.

But we don’t have to accept this verdict!

After coming and going through many incarnations of life, including earning degrees in music, computer science, and business, working as a landscape gardener and school teacher, and raising my kiddos, I realized there was one part of my life that never really changed: my need and love for my Pilates. I finally put it together and did my training in Boulder, Colorado in 2014 and 2015, and since then have spread my love and enthusiasm for healing movement to folks with all kinds of movement and life stories.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you, and sharing what Pilates can do for you!

The Southern San Juans