Pilates Instructor Elizabeth Dickerson

LIVE ONLINE MAT CLASS Mon, Wed, Fri 7 am, BOOK NOW! This is different than a recorded mat class, because I am there with you, cuing and teaching and you are in a class with other people. It’s through Power Pilates of New York, is $15 for a single class and prices go down when you buy a pack. CHECK IT OUT, KEEP IT ON THE POSITIVE!

Since we can’t be together live in the studio- we can be together live online! I’m currently teaching real time online mat classes through Power Pilates of New York. Join me for Good Morning Mat M, W and F at 7 am Eastern!

GOOD MORNING MAT: click to go right to the class.

Wake up your body and mind with movement designed to help you stay in a positive space for the rest of the day! Working through the classical Pilates mat sequence, this is an open level class that allows for easier modifications or challenging variations. Develop core strength, increase flexibility, and allow in healing breath. Mini-moments of Pilates you can use throughout the day to stay aligned and centered will also be shared. We all need help to deal with these endless Zoom meetings and the neck and shoulder tension that comes with too much computer time!

Why Pilates? Because movement heals! I first found Pilates when, in my late twenties, I ruptured two discs in my back and was told I needed surgery. A dance instructor suggested Pilates. Combined with working with my doctor and an Alexander Technique practitioner, I was able to get out of pain quickly and heal. I didn’t have that surgery.

For those of us living with arthritis: we don’t want to lose mobility! Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise for this life situation, because of the gentleness and the adaptability of the exercises to each person’s specific needs. The exercises do not stress the joints that are afflicted. Joint pain is reduced by increasing the flexibility and strength of supporting muscles.

Rehabbing an injury or an athlete looking to build strength to prevent injuries? I’ve got you covered.

Give a call today at 207-317-7565. (Psst- it’s fun, and a form of exercise and healing you won’t want to give up on!)